The second trainings of ’Young Businessmen Training Program (TR / 18 / TD / 118) conducted by Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the scope of BAKKA Technical Support Program were held on 02.03.2019 at Hilton GardenInn Safranbolu. 30 entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs who are members of Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry, aged 18-35, participated in the training. TOBB ETU instructor Prof.Dr. Nejat Basım gave trainings on “Management Skills and Leadership”. The Young Businessmen Training Program aims to adapt to the business life by giving second generation young businessmen between the ages of 18-35 the information and experience they need in the future, to gain new vision and to create new job opportunities by strengthening the relations with each other. With this project, Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry will have the opportunity to test the first program of the Training Academy, which is planned to train young generations in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. The Young Businessmen Training Program will continue with the staff of TOBB ETU Trainers; on 6 March 2019 Cengiz TAVUKÇUOĞLU - Generation Management in Business - Customer Centered Innovation Management and on March 9 2019, Serdar BİLECEN - Sales Management, Prof.Dr. Ramazan AKTAŞ- Working Capital Management.

The most important factor determining the rates of economic development among countries is competition between countries. Today, all states 4. They're fighting against each other to get the maximum share of the industrial revolution. Important scientific and commercial investments are made in many fields such as artificial intelligence technologies, Autonomous robots, Industrial Cloud Platform, industrial Cyber Security, Integrated manufacturing methods and Technologies, intelligent sensor and signalization technologies

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