The Clustering Approach, which has been developed to obtain sectoral and regional competitive advantages, has been used in regional development studies and strategies of all developed countries in recent years. This approach has been adopted as an important method for achieving competitive advantage and has become one of the most important agenda items of development policies. In the 2014-2023 Regional Plan prepared by the Western Black Sea Development Agency, "Increasing the Competitiveness of Existing Industrial Activities" is mentioned among the priorities. Under this heading, the Iron and Steel Sector and Strengthening Its Subsidiary Industry and "Clustering, Industrial Symbiosis and Branding Studies” are identified as measures. Within the scope of cluster activities of Iron and Steel sector, Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry was visited by BAKKA officials on 28.2.2019. During the visit, field work in the iron and steel sector, the objectives and effects of the cluster were discussed.

The most important factor determining the rates of economic development among countries is competition between countries. Today, all states 4. They're fighting against each other to get the maximum share of the industrial revolution. Important scientific and commercial investments are made in many fields such as artificial intelligence technologies, Autonomous robots, Industrial Cloud Platform, industrial Cyber Security, Integrated manufacturing methods and Technologies, intelligent sensor and signalization technologies

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