A step was taken for the project which will integrate vocational education and real sector with each other. Vocational Training Cooperation Protocol was signed at a ceremony hosted by TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu among The Ministry of National Education, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and TOBB University of Economics and Technology, with the participation of National Education Minister Ziya Selçuk. Hisarcıklıoğlu evaluated the protocol as a historic day for both the education system and the business world, Hisarcıklıoğlu said “We are taking a step that we have said for years but which we cannot realize. We integrate vocational education and real sector each other. Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that the contribution of the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk was important in taking this visionary step and said, “We have seen the difference of a Minister from the business world and how he has distorted the memorization. I would like to congratulate him and applaud him for being a pioneer in such auspicious business.” Stating that they have been unable to find qualified employees to employ for years, TOBB President said: “Young people live in coffeehouses all over the country unemployed. Why, because the education we give in schools doesn't work out. Qualities demanded outside are not taught in schools. We had to change this asymmetric structure. We looked abroad. Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, with 6 percent. Why, because they have integrated vocational education and the real sector through the Chambers. We boast that we have a young population. But we can't actually use this potential. Many young people are unemployed because they are not qualified. This is actually a big risk for the future. The Turkish business world is putting its hand under the stone through our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges. Thanks to the brave and resolute policy of our Minister of Education, it begins a first in Turkey. We are transitioning to a new and dynamic vocational training model prepared according to the qualifications demanded in the market. In this scope, 81 vocational high schools in 81 provinces are included in the protocol. Through our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, we will ensure that the vocational training in these areas is designed dynamically and in line with the needs of the sector. We will establish workshops and laboratories in these schools and renew the existing ones. We will activate R & D and Skill Design Workshops. We will prepare the training contents with the support of TOBB ETU.” Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, "The existence of TOBB as the driving force of our economy and our cooperation with this union are of vital importance. We express this importance directly with the relationship between economy and education. Because if there is a middle income trap in the economy, it is actually a secondary education trap. In other words, the message if our education improves, our economy will improve is given to us. In this context, we are happy to take such a step. In my opinion, what is essential here is the transformation in the perspective of vocational and technical education. In my opinion, what is essential here is the transformation in the perspective of vocational and technical education. Within the framework of this transformation, the course schedules of vocational and technical education, teacher trainings, the execution of the work and operations here, the transition to a production-based teaching show that all of these changes will change that the paradigm has changed in vocational education. This is a matter that will be carried to a certain point by the efforts of our chamber representatives and the efforts of our school heads of national education directorates, not by the decisions we make within the Ministry of National Education. Therefore, we have to put forward our support to these efforts in a manner that is absolutely necessary, "he said. In line with the 2023 goals, as the education community, Selçuk said that they were trying to fulfill their part of duty. He said: "Of course we have expectations from the business world. They have come under a great responsibility about providing the necessary support under this protocol. I would like to thank all business representatives for this. Because I don't think we have any alibi anymore. Some problems were all we had expectations. Let me give you a simple statistic. In Germany, 80 percent of vocational technical schools are supported by the private sector. This rate is around 4 percent in our country. In discussing all these, it is useful to consider them with healthier statistics and a healthier perspective. I think that all of our work in these 81 provinces is the beginning. I think that this study will affect our other vocational technical schools and that the teachers in approximately 130 thousand vocational technical schools will be trained in this context and this will help them to develop these projects. The fact that this work is carried out together with TOBB and TOBB ETU, that is to say the higher education leg, shows how important the connection between secondary and higher education is. The presence of TOBB-ETU is important in terms of reflecting this at secondary level. While continuing all of this, we can easily say that a new era has started in vocational and technical education, it is intertwined with the sector, and therefore production in our schools is a learning method. It has been a subject that has been studied for years. I am very happy to see that this long-awaited work is being carried out today and I would like to thank everyone who contributed.” On behalf of Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hüsnü Salih Yılmaz, Chairman Mehmet Mescier, Vice Chairman Levent Biçer, Member of Assembly Remzi Doğan, Secretary General Cem Biçen attended the ceremony.

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