Karabük Provincial Treasurer Osman KOÇAŞ and the accompanying delegation visited the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Karabuk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mehmet MESCIER and the Vice Chairman Levent Biçer on 25.2.2019 within the scope of 30th Tax Week celebrations. Provincial Treasurer Osman KOÇAS said “We recently announced the Tax Record holders in Karabuk Province. Mescier has 4 companies in the top 10. We congratulate you in particular. On the other hand, we congratulate the president of the Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the representative of the business community. The most important financing source of public expenditure is taxes, which provide financing up to 85% in terms of public expenditures. This is very important for us. Taxation is the duty of citizenship. We congratulate all taxpayers who pay their taxes on time. As it is known, we are experiencing the last days of the law on structuring. We had a structuring based on March 31. The time extension came to this configuration. However, if our taxpayers want to be in the system, there are conditions to fulfill their obligations by the end of February, otherwise they will go out of the system. I congratulate your Tax Week again. I hope it will be auspicious for our country, our nation and Karabük’’ he said. Karabuk TSO Board of Directors MESCİER celebrated the 30th Tax Week; and said “As you said, tax recorders have been announced in our province. The only issue that is not pleasant for us is that all the record holders are gathered through one sector. Nine of the 10 top ten record holders of the iron and steel industry have been announced, and 9 are companies operating in the iron and steel industry or trade. This means that iron and steel is a must in our province. We need to diversify this, and there may be duties for us, duties for our government. Providing diversity is very important for the development of our province and for being more sustainable. As you mentioned, taxes constitute a large part of public expenditures. Paying taxes is the debt of every citizen. This ratio is very high in our province compared to other provinces, in this sense we thank you for your approach and efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the Tax Week. I wish that we will continue to contribute to our state by making larger and higher amounts of collections per year. At the end of his speech, the Chairman of the Board MESCIER thanked the Provincial Treasurer KOÇAŞ and his team for the kind visits and information they gave.

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