2018, 2nd Period Joint Vocational Committees meeting was held at Büyük Kulüp on 22.10.2018 with the attendance of our deputies and the members of the Professional Committee. Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Assembly Hüsnü Salih Yılmaz, thanking the members of the committee and the deputies who attended the meeting, emphasized that the efficient work of the committees increased the quality of the service provided to the members of the Chamber. “The elections of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry were held in April 2018, and our main task started in the next period. We need the opinions from all our members and members of our professional committee. These opinions will guide us in the future.” He said.

The most important factor determining the rates of economic development among countries is competition between countries. Today, all states 4. They're fighting against each other to get the maximum share of the industrial revolution. Important scientific and commercial investments are made in many fields such as artificial intelligence technologies, Autonomous robots, Industrial Cloud Platform, industrial Cyber Security, Integrated manufacturing methods and Technologies, intelligent sensor and signalization technologies

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