Micro, Small, Medium and Large-scale industrial enterprises have been established after the start of production of the iron and steel factories in 1939, Karabuk. 3120 people were employed in the Iron and Steel Factories in 1941 and currently around 3600 people employ in these factories.Karabük Iron and Steel Works were included in the privatization by the privatization administration on April 5,1994 and were privatized as KARDEMİR Inc. on March 30,1995. Micro, Small, Medium and the Large-scale industrial enterprises which developed in parallel with industrial organizations and established by private sector are manufactured on a basis; iron and steel , apparel, wood products , food, chemicals, machinery, steel construction, mining, foundry, cement, ready-mixed concrete and concrete elements, loading facilities etc.The number of organizations in this industry is close to 200 recently

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Chairmanship position is a very important place, which obliges first responsibility and then a great effort and vision understanding.


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